Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Back home again

We had a pleasant flight back from Santiago. It was such a long flight (14.5 hours) that thankfully we upgraded to business class (Gavin has thousands of air miles from all the business travelling he does) so we could sleep on a flat bed, and I slept rather well. I watched the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and it was rather good despite being too long. I had forgotten how gorgeous Brad Pitt is!

We arrived home mid morning and Xena was out on her walk with L the dog sitter, but shortly afterwards they got back and she was very excited to see us. She has grown and even her face seems more mature in the two weeks that we have been away. L the dog sitter has looked after her so well, there were even freshly baked doggie biscuits in the cupboard.

It was a day of unpacking, getting groceries, and doing laundry - the garden is still looking very drab although the crocuses are now up. I was hoping to see better weather and more evidence of spring but apart from daffodils up everywhere it still looks very much like winter. 

I am trying to catch up posting my back blips, and also to look at journals. I have started reading journals although not commenting on every entry.

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