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25 years!

Tonight’s final performance of our Pantomime will conclude 25 years of ‘panto-ing’ for me and I think it’s may be time to call it a day. 
I started with the Village Music Group in 1993 so that my daughter could be in the Wizard of Oz. I did three more musicals with them before they folded for lack of men but also started doing Panto in 1995. Grace was also in the Pantos when she was young and it definitely triggered her love of performing arts.
I have enjoyed this production very much, possibly because it’s had a smaller cast, it’s definitely been one of the best if not THE best. We have a wonderfully creative writer and director, Mark and if it is my last I’m glad it us one if his.
It is Cinderella but so much more. Here you have the puppet Rapunzel with her possible but incompetent rescuer ‘Willie’ one of the two stooges. Our friends who came to see us after the show last week said they thought the puppets’ eyes were really creepy and I think they were right. I can only see this scene from the wings so I asked if I could borrow the puppets from their tower to take this shot for my blip and Silly Saturday.
We also have King Wenceslas, Tonto and the Goldilocks’ Cactus Gulch saloon in the show and the star is Rupert the Gorilla! 
So much more than your average Cinders though it does also have all the usual suspects.
The players do other productions in the autumn so I may be tempted into one of those if it has singing and dancing and it appeals.
One more show tonight so I’m going to make the most of it and the party afterwards!
More of yesterday’s embroidery here

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