Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Busy day today.  My friend Jan is back from her travels so it was Morrisons at 9am for the big shop. After unpacking the shopping and having breakfast I suddenly felt very tired so I retired to my bed for around 1½  hours.  Felt OK after that so I did a few chores before walking down to the village to go to the dentists.  Just for a check up and to see the hygienist.  Teeth are all OK.

Then I headed to Garden House Cemetery where my Grandma is buried.  She was born on 4th March 1900 so I wanted to take some flowers for her birthday.  I have added a photo of her to my Extras. We lived next door to Grandma and Granddad when I was little and I have lots of happy memories of those days.  It was nice and tranquil in the cemetery with no-one else around.

I took my blip shot there - the lovely tall trees with the sun setting behind.  The theme for Wide Wednesday in " Nature ". Thanks to BobsBlips  for hosting.  I have also tagged it for Wild Wednesday hosted by Cailleach

Musical link  TALL,TALL TREES - by Roger Miller

My route back home took me through St Marys churchyard where I took a photo of the wonderful display of snowdrops - see my Extra.  Another Extra shows a sweet little squirrel enjoying a treat. He was high in a tree so I had to use my zoom. I actually saw another 4 squirrels running around.  I was delighted to see them as I don't see many squirrels round here.  Now I know where to go to see them in future.

When I got home I checked my phone to find a message and two photos from my sister in law.  Her new grandson - a great nephew for me -  had arrived this morning.  Henry - weighing in at 8 pounds 1oz. He was a week late.  Its nice that he arrived on his great,great Grandma's birthday. Mother and baby are doing well and they are back at home already. I will add a couple of photos of him to my Extras.  ( so many Extras today )

Steps today - 12,688

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