Crazy Day

Thanks for all of the positive feedback and love you showed towards yesterday's cactus flower bud.  This That bud's for you!

This was truly a busy and bizarre day.

I had an appointment with my shoulder surgeon.  I drove like a maniac to get there only to realize I had arrived an hour early.  The good news was that they took me in right away and my shoulder is doing so well I don't need anymore followups.  I have been waiting until now to get a replacement ankle brace because the Velcro is shot.  I have been told repeatedly that I had to wait a year.  I went into the brace shop and the guy told me that Medicare (yeah, let's get that Medicare for All *snigger*) considers the "useful life" to be 5 years.  If I want one, I have to pay for it.
Still, just barely bizarre. 

I still had an appointment on the other side of Tucson and plenty of time to stop at Panera Bread for lunch.  But first, I brought my broken camera to Tucson Camera Repair to see if I could get a repair estimate.  Take a look at the camera used to take this photograph.  It is the "broken" 7D Mark II.  No, he did not fix it on the spot.  He stuck in a battery, SD card and lens and took a picture of his wife.  Not a thing wrong with it!

I have a working theory on what happened.  This thing was absolutely, positively non-operational when I sent it to Canon.  My theory is that a repair tech actually fixed it before I refused the repair estimate and asked for it to be returned to me.  That is truly the only thing I can think of.

Got all of that accomplished and was headed home at about 1:00 pm.  From the moment I got on the Freeway that traffic came to a halt.  When the overhead sign tells you that the exit fives miles away will take 45 minutes to reach, you know there's a problem.

Made it to Green Valley with just enough time to spend another 20 minutes to sprint to Madera Canyon for this quickie of a bridled titmouse.

By the time I got home the garage was FINISHED!!!  All painted and shiny and mold free.  It's the first night my car gets to sleep in it's home since 5 February.  YAY!!!!

Last bit of bizarro: I received the $2100 check to pay the restoration company.  But I received another separate check from the insurance company for over $3000.  What to do?  What to do?  I think I'll put it in the bank. I won't spend it for a year or two just in case they discover their mistake.  (Or maybe I'll use it to pay my taxes.)'s our secret  :-)

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