A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Quirky morning

When I got up at 6.15 am I was surprised at how light it was. It looked like it was going to be a good day after early frost. By the time I left the house the trees at the top of the St Ives Estate had disappeared into the mist.
So our walk was through a cold fog of low cloud but as you can see here the sun was visible indicating it would soon be burned off.
The morning developed into another spring like one and after an early lunch we set off into Bradford to the Alhambra theatre.
Travelling in buses is fine especially when you don’t have to pay but ours was definitely not well. We stopped in Wilsden for 10 minutes to let it cool down, accompanied by the smell of burning. We continued down into Sandy Lane not picking up any further passengers and it started beeping again to indicate all was not well. We stopped again and changed to a bus behind. It was going into the city centre but via what I refer to as ‘ bandit country’ where most of the children I used to teach lived! Survived that and got to,the theatre inoleanty of time thank fully.
We went to see Carole King’s Beautiful. I saw it as a birthday treat from daughter Grace nearly two years ago in Bristol. I was happy to see it again and thought Chris would enjoy it too which he did. We saw a group of ladies from our ATN choir on the same row as us.
After some tea we got the bus back home. Having left it a while we missed the rush hour. No engine problems but it was driven  as if by a driver who was possessed. When we hit the narrow stretch through Wilsden and met a lorry coming the other way he had to get out a gesticulate to the traffic behind to move back so he could reverse!
We are now safely home, an interesting  and varied day!

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