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By walkingMarj

International Women's Day

I stayed over at Julie's last night.

After a late breakfast, we headed off to Morrisons. I did a big shop which I hope will last most of the week. Julie shopped for today's lunch.

She had invited a group of women friends to come over. It was coincidence that this was International Women's Day. 

There was a wide ranging discussion, including theatre, films, books and the people we know we are ill, plus concerns of our own. It was great fun. We managed to eat (an excellent lunch) during all of this.

When there were a couple of bottles of wine that were hard to open, we went on to talk about physical prowess. Who can lie on the floor and get up without the use of support from her arms. Pauline here had a try. Everyone needed a bit of help (and I did not try, because Arth would not have liked it)!

Sheila, already pretty fit, was going away to practise!

Back home and the other Marjorie was here for the afternoon. We had a look at my Prague photos, with Mum watching them on her own iPad at the same time. That worked well.

I hope that as many women as possible had a good day today.

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