Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

MM: Shape

Today’s mono Monday theme is “shape.” This is my interpretation of the expression bent out of shape . Thanks to ApolloFly for hosting.

Typical Monday but with an annoying twist.
My alarm went off as usual but when I looked at the clock in the bathroom it appeared that I had gotten up an hour early. Every clock in the house except my phone was accurate.
Someone yesterday made a reference in their blip to DST. Arizona doesn’t participate in DST so the time on the phone should not have changed. I was able to adjust it and reported the giant bug to Apple.

On my way to breakfast I realized my car clock was was inaccurate, too. I was able to change the setting to “Phoenix” but it didn’t solve the problem. It has to go in to Honda tomorrow for a software fix.

I completed my usual things. Picked up a dozen bagels for the Singles Club and stayed there for a while. It’s really nice that so many people are getting to know who I am. Lots of ‘Good morning, Laurie’ from people whose names I can’t remember.

Had to run an errand at the Post Office then I was off to psychotherapy followed by a training session. I’m beat now. I took this picture while I was waiting for my therapist to arrive.

I need to start making lists for my camping trip, including meals and shopping. I also need to find a poncho somewhere. Rain is forecast for my first three days in the mountains but I don’t care. :-)

Four more sleeps.

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