Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Madera Canyon Day Two

Holy moly! It was very, very windy, cold and totally overcast all day. I did my best to hang outside and could not believe the number of people who took day trips up here in this crappy weather.

I was sure that the gusty wind would prevent me from grilling tonight but I am going to try. It will probably be midnight before I can toss burgers on.  Tummy is growling so I'll have a snack.

The two most interesting photos I was able to get were this Pink-sided dark-eyed junco and Spotted Towhee  (extra).  As usual, they look fabulous in high resolution large I leave in the morning.  Check out is at 11:00.  If it's warm enough I'll stick around until I get a decent shot of two.

I've figured out how to post more than one blip at a time (use multiple tabs) but I don't know which will load faster. It's slow going up here.

I posted some back blips earlier tonight from this past weekend:
a drone over my yard  and a fledged cardinal looking a little lost.

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