Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Great Night Out

Life is taking on a whole new rhythm thanks to the Coronavirus! No "office" to go to for either of us. I did a bit of work thanks to having to bring the office laptop home.

We met up with a lady who had taken pictures at the [Women's] World Day of Prayer service on Saturday. She needed a laptop to download the pictures so she could share them. I offered to download them and create a web album that anyone else can add pictures they took.

And then we raced to Global Village to meet with friend Rachel. We got there with less than 30 minutes of daylight to spare. There is always plenty to see and photograph and before we knew it, we'd taken over a hundred pictures. I've chosen some of the best ones for my collage. We decided to go with a 35mm fixed focal lens, so it was a challenge trying to get some shots.

There were people there but not like what we've seen on our last visits. I feel really bad for the vendors. They are really struggling. We enjoyed the shows we managed to catch on the big stage especially Ballet Revolucion.

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