A day in the life

By Shelling

Nuns valley

Gorgeous but shifty weather today and a first with temperatures over 10 degrees all day.

Covid -19 is the dominating news today, as several days. Experts  stand in line to give us a information of their field of expertise mixed with reports of people hamstring toilet paper and  pasta, despite the fact that there are no shortage in the supply at all. The images are all very confusing when living here on Öland, far from the major cities, where everyone seems to go about business more or less like normal. 

We should have played Leonard Cohens music at a concert next Saturday but it's now cancelled, or moved till the autumn. A pity but foreseeable in the general discussion at the moment. At the theatre several performances has been moved or cancelled and the whole cultural field is affected one way or another, which leads to difficulty for everyone working with and/or
organising events. Many other branches where people are loosely attached are and will be in difficulty too. This will go on for some time, please help each other where you can and don't forget your common sense on the way.

The two pictures are from Nunnedalen, "The valley of the nuns", a very beautiful area in the early spring. Once the leaves start turning green, the path through the valley really live up to it's name, "Paradise path".

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