BIRTHDAY BOY - observed fast asleep on the bed

My lovely boy Tino is 9 years old today.  I got him when he was just over a year old.  He's a real character with lots of Bengal traits.  He's very loud and talkative, boisterous and loves to be up high.  When I went into my bedroom this afternoon I observed him fast asleep on my bed - blip shot done. I have added an Extra as Tino looks so much better in colour.

The Mono Monday challenge theme word today is OBSERVE - thanks to ApolloFly for hosting. 

Musical link --BIRTHDAY BOY  by Drive-By Truckers. 

I went to Fitness Class this afternoon.  There are usually 12 regulars but there were only 8 of us today.  All well over 70 years old except me ( and Emma the instructor of course ).  This evening was Slimming Club.  Not many there either.  I lost 1½ pounds.  I think this might be the last Monday for a while that Fitness Class and Slimming Club will be taking place as the latest advice from the Government is that even small gatherings should be cancelled.

We are going to find that in the coming days and weeks all of us are going to have to behave differently according to the latest advice - which seems to change daily.  Self isolating for up to 12 weeks is a worrying prospect.  Even not being able to go to a cafe, pub, the theatre etc is bad enough.  It all sounds very grim.  I guess we will just have to make the best of it and try to stay safe and well.  Take care  everyone. 

Steps today - 13,068

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