Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Last Full Day (#7)

I've back blipped days 3-6 beginning here.  I know there are a lot of photos to check out but would love your eventual feedback  :-)

Finally the first day that it was completely sunny and I could break out a t-shirt.  I was less interested in photographs than just sitting in the sun watching the birds.  Each day I shot with a purpose, a goal.  Today's goal was to capture a hummingbird in flight. I failed.  I am exceptionally disappointed with this new Canon 90D.  Focusing on moving targets was almost impossible.  The 7D Mark II has a much wider variety of focusing options for subjects moving in various situations.  It also has 64 focus points instead of the newer 45 points.  In that respect, my hopes for what I hoped to get were diminished.

So I decided to end the vacation (I check out in the morning) with one of my favorites, a Bridled titmouse.  I posted a similar shot on my first day here.  This time he was after the rain water which had collected. 
I'm pretty much packed and ready to go in the morning.

There you have it.  Except that I seem to come here when it's freezing.  So I'm coming for a few days in June, our hottest month, to escape the heat.  If I have any money left at all after this crash, I might still come as scheduled in September.  I don't wanna grow up.

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