Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Neil and Rachael arrived around 2pm.  We had intended going in the car to Gibside - a National trust property but our plans had to change as all National Trust properties are now closed.  And Neil decided it wasn't a good idea for me to share a car with them anyway so we went for a walk instead.  We kept our distance from each other the whole way - and it worked quite well in the end. We had a nice long walk around the local area.  We did see a few people - mostly dog walkers but keeping our distance was easy.  We were out for around 2 hours.  The weather was dry and very sunny and I had a lovely time.

So no Mothers Day hug for me but at least I got to spend time with Neil and Rachael.  Poor Rachael should have been spending Mothers Day with her own Mammy back in Ireland but of course that trip had to be cancelled due  to " you know what ".

Musical link  WALK of Life - by Dire Straits ( I remember this being a favourite song of Neil's when he was little ).

I was just sitting relaxing after my walk when the phone rang.  I assumed it was Becky - but it wasn't.  It was someone from the Council ringing about my brother.  His carers/cleaners had been to his house and were ringing the doorbell  for ages with no answer and they were worried about him. - it was a regular visit so he was expecting them.  I told her I would give him an ring and see what the problem was.  I wasn't really worried myself as when this has happened in the past he's just been fast asleep and hasn't heard the doorbell.  And when I rang him this was in fact what had happened. He hadn't gone to sleep until 7am ( after drinking rather a lot of brandy ) so when the doorbell was ringing he was " dead to the world ".  In fact my phone call had woken him up and he was rather groggy for a while but he soon perked up and we had a long conversation.  I had been going to ring him anyway today as its his birthday.  (I think that's why the brandy had been drunk ) He's doing OK and coping as best he can during the coronavirus outbreak,  He is able to nip to his local shop and get the basics and he has a chest freezer full of stuff to keep him going.  So I can breathe a sigh of relief as far as he is concerned.

Then I had a nice Whatsapp video call with Becky ... and Mike .... and Casper the cat.  We spoke for around an hour.  Nice to see and hear them and have a good catch up.

So its been a different sort of Mothers Day but a nice one.  I hope all the mothers out there had a good day too.

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