Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Sunday 12:42 PM.   This is the playground and tennis court a couple of blocks away. Yesterday there were 4 people playing tennis and 2 adults on the swings.   Today all we see is 2 people with their dog in the fields.   I think on the whole walk we saw a dozen people…at a distance...most with dogs.  We are still allowed outside.  It’s clouding up to rain this week we are told….not sure how many more walks we will enjoy outside....

Everyday brings new extraordinary revelations, doesn’t it?    I’m now thinking that there is TOO MUCH being offered by every organization and museum we are connected with, streaming this and that into our homes.   I do like my Zoom Tai Chi class 1x week  but I don’t need 6 more similar sites to feel connected.  All the time.   MAYBE I’ll check out an opera from the Met sometime or do a virtual tour of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam  ( I think that’s all it will be this year, unfortunately)…There is no reason to be bored at home (Well I guess if you really crave people talk…in person) 

HOWEVER I am grateful for the internet, of course.  And not only for blip.  We needed bread, so ordered on the phone from a local bakery.. ( I know lots of blippers are making their own…. and I commend them…if they can find the flour…WHY would I do that with this (EXTRA)  a 20 min walk away?)   And then of course I added a sandwich and 6 cookies (there were 7 in the box) to the order, clicked APPLE Pay and went to pick them up .  The doors were propped open so one needn’t touch them and the bag was all ready to grab and go.    How good is that?   Yep, washed our hands etc well.

Stay well…

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