Airing the laundry

Washed the bedding that's usually on the bed used by the four year old. There won't be any Tuesday sleepovers for a long time. Here it is hanging over the bannister to air before I either put it in the airing cupboard or remake the bed. (I do wash it of course though not every week given that she's only in it for a few hours). I'm not allowing myself to feel mournful about this as everyone is in the same boat one way or another and I am very much more fortunate than most.

Had my one walk this morning again. It's a bit damp today but fine for the walk. I've worked out a circuit which I can do without seeing or having to swerve round many other people. It's flat so no puffing but it has variety with different smells for Flora. It allows me time by the river and places to watch spring emerging. These seem like important things.

I have my two Zoom meetings lined up with the grandchildren at 1 and 3pm. Later on I have my yoga class, also via Zoom and I will report back on how that goes.

We also now have the neighbourhood support scheme up and running. The first request was help with dog walking. People have also volunteered to get essential shopping, prescriptions or to keep in touch by phone. It feels good to have got this off the ground.

Stay well everyone

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