By Teasel

Empty Shelves

Another new start today – all three of us working from home.  I got up and went for a wee walk – my start to the day.  I met a friend , but we talked briefly across the road (social distancing(, but his dog had no regards for social distancing!  It was then home for breakfast and BB got up ready for his new regime.

We were all at our respective desks/workplaces by 8.30am, which seemed pretty good.  BB had to follow his normal timetable, undertaking work that is available online.   TT and I  worked away, leaving the room for calls and meetings.  I seemed to spend a lot of time perched on the edge of the sofa, which was not ideal.  In fact I spent so much time on calls, that I barely had time to keep up with emails or do any real work.

BB finished school at the right time, while TT and I had to make a conscious decision to turn our laptops off.  We need to be more disciplined – although I always do very long days on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Later I popped out for some provisions, no butter, but did get some soap. When I came back, TT was having a whisky drinking session with two chums via Skype!  I left them to it and watched Boris and Nicola, then made a pot of soup – always a good thing to do in a crisis.  Life is certainly changing.

The supermarket shelves are still empty.

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