Day 4 - home gym

Thankfully our internet was up and running when I got back from the allotment last night, so work today resumed as normal at 7.30am. How frightening that we have become so reliant on it for our survival.

I worked through more pensions and am getting better at managing this way of working. It was very frustrating looking at the beautiful weather outside, while I sat working from my conservatory. But at least I have a lovely view.

Jon has been building a gym bench since the weekend. All from scratch - he found wood in the garage and repurposed it with all his excellent carpentry skills. The boys normally go to the gym 3 time’s a week, so this will mean they have their own home gym. They have weights already, so now just need space!! I donated the vintage curtain and cut it to shape. He used an old camping mat as the padded top and has stapled the curtain on top. It’s now good to go!

Seem to have come down with another headache sore throat bug today. No temperature or cough though, so that’s good, but not feeling great. An early night then just the morning at work tomorrow. I want to feel well by the afternoon so that I can get out in the garden an plant more cucumber and courgette seeds - pesky mice have dug out and eaten 6 cu seeds and 9 courgettes! They were in the greenhouse. I will be more careful with the next lot.

Henry finished today and won’t be going back, even though there are a few jobs. He will get 80% pay we hope ( apprentice wage is £3.90 an hour ... but 80% is better than 0%) I’m glad he is home now.

Jon is our designated shopper and will hit the shops tomorrow aiming to do a normal weekly shop. Fingers crossed.

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