Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

MM: As Close As Twins

Today’s mono Monday theme is ‘a favorite thing’.  I’ve chosen these framed photos of my brother Andy and I. My mom had it framed like this for over 60 years. We’re exactly 51 weeks apart so every year we’re the same age for a week. We’ve always been close: academically, athletically, and with similar interests. We were even at the same college at the same time. I could never beat him in chess but always had a chance with backgammon.  The photo sits on a shelf behind the glass door of the secretary and I gaze fondly at it every day.
Thanks to trisharooni for hosting this month.

In other not so good news, John sent the other three of us a text to tell us his fever is back, as is the bad dry cough. He’s using his CPAP machine which makes him feel a little better. The most disturbing thing was that he asked us to contact people if it goes south. I know that you’re all thinking of him and wishing him the best.  Thanks.

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