A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Nature walk

We were out quite early for our daily exercise walk today. Chris wanted to go to Betty’s Wood. (The wooded area of the St Ives Estate that was decimated to remove diseased trees  just over two years ago)
We crossed the cricket field, the lower woods and then Lowpark to get to the bottom of Betty’s wood. on the path up from the car park I saw first, a tortoiseshell settled on the path and then a peacock on the verge. First two butterfly pictures this year.
In the woods I had noticed bluebells in bud, some showing a tiny bit of blue. This lovely weather has certainly brought them on.
Chris spent his time in Betty’s wood looking into the protective tubes of the newly planted trees. Some looking more promising than others but there are lots of wild saplings coming up everywhere.  It still looks pretty devastated though and it’s hard to recall where features like the gnome bench once were.
Returning we saw several flitting orange tip butterflies, non me to grab shot.
Across the estate road to the low path to return to the village we saw and heard 2  colourful Jays and then a little Robin which, as always, seems to want to commune.
Finally my first open flowered Bluebell of the spring. Just had to be my blip.
Back via the village to collect my prescription from the pharmacy. Only saw people in the distance and only once had to do the little social distancing dance on the path when a younger and faster couple caught us up!
A good ATN sing after lunch and now I’m allowing myself a bit of a sit in the garden, maybe even a read in the sun whilst it lasts. Must try not to notice weeds!

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