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The cowslip hunt

When I was walking at Gunnerton the other day, I heard that there were cowslips in the area.

Today I walked from the village to the crags. Margret had described where I should go. She suggested going higher than previously, so up I went. I was on the top and looking over to the quarry at Barrasford (not a pretty sight) but all I could find was last year's bracken.

It was quite windy and I thought the cowslips might like a bit of shelter. On my way down, I met a young man on a trail bike, testing his/the bike's ability on the hillside. As far as I could see no cowslips or primroses were damaged as a result.

When I was nearly back to the track and lower than last week's walk, I found a little glade with lots of cowslips. They are still coming out and they really need some rain to encourage them.

The reason for the hunt? They are Mum's favourite wildflowers.

Otherwise, we had a quietish morning. Mum had a shower and breakfast. We had then planned a visit to my hair salon, but she had a magnificent nose bleed which took some stopping. The hair can wait.

Life in the time of Covid 19
Margret received a hamper from Age UK. The hampers were given out to elderly people who are on their own. We laughed a lot about the contents. There was popcorn and sugary drinks and crisps and more sugar. I guess they were treats, but I'm not sure how many of the vulnerable elderly should really have been eating the contents. Very strange.

The rest of the news suggests that the rate of infection is staying much the same and the death rate too. It's still a dangerous time and we have to keep on with our isolation measures.

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