A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Low Park

I knew Chris wouldn’t be walking to day so I was off on my own early. Earlier than I intended! Thought my bedroom clock said 6.32 am but it was only that when I got downstairs so I was out of the house at 6.40am!
There had been some frost so it was cool but glorious. No deer for me today but I went through the lower St Ives woods and the light through the trees together with the bird song was fantastic.
Bluebells everywhere but I particularly liked this view across the Low Park towards the Aire Valley where there is just a hint of morning mist. The cows, nearly all Belties, were enjoying the damp morning grass in the sun and I love all the dandelion clocks in the foreground.
Saw two Jays in the trees, maybe the same as yesterday and lots of Blackbird activity. A first for me here was the sighting of a wild rabbit near the edge of the fields but in the woods. Later, up Blind Lane another one popped out in front of me.
The Little Owl was there, I took the compilation shot looking from the other side of the wall from last time but I couldn’t locate the Wren’s nest.
Skirted round the outside of the golf course and was surprised  to see, 4 weeks in to lockdown, red and white tape has appeared across all the access routes to the fairways. Have people been sneaking in with their clubs?!

Took what I think of as Wendles56’s track down to Coppice Pond to feed the birds. All very sleepy. All three swans were near the island, the youngster eventually coming to be fed.
There were two Goosander’s but they weren’t interested in feeding and two Greylag Geese which are new, and two of the Canada Geese were determined to stop them feeding! 
Lovely walk.
At the bottom of our road the Happy Easter sign chalked on the pavement has been replaced by ‘Thank You NHS’.
We went out to clap last night and we had a lovely surprise as our neighbour and blipper airedaleknitter, who plays in BD1 Brass Band, played ‘Somehwere over the Rainbow’ on her cornet (I think). Thank you J it was fab!

Back home for 8.30 so in plenty of time for singing and then had to make a quick exit as Chris had a conference call! Actually a PCC meeting on line! So I did some gardening. The ground is baked hard and I thought there couldn’t be many weeds but the ‘bleep bleep’ buttercups just keep on coming!
Enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in the garden doing some sewing and now my blip.

Stay safe everyone and have a good weekend.
( If you want a treat look back one year at the wonderful Rannadale Bluebells!)

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