Everyday Life

By Julez

Riverside Walk

Today I finally got started on sorting out the landing. I left it until 11 AM to start so as not to wake the boys too early since they are turning into bats! I probably would too if I didn't have to go to my parents', so need to keep regular daytime hours for that, as I'm a night person too.

There was only so much I could do as much of the stuff isn't mine. Even so, a lot of it needs to go really. There is no need for VHS videos, DVD's or even CD's really, as all these things are digital now. I sorted out the books and some stuff for charity. There's quite a bit, but obviously we will be stuck with it for a while until the shops are ready to take things again. There is junk I will get Brian to put in the spidery loft, and there is other paraphernalia for him to sort out too. 

I enjoyed sorting out the books I still have to read - loads I'm looking forward to getting stuck into, and some I'd even forgotten that I had!

After I'd done as much as I could for now I headed out into the sunshine for a walk and to find a Blip. I headed down the less used side of the riverbank, and I only met one other person who was walking a German Shepherd. The dog ambled over to me to get a fuss. He was such a lovely gentle creature - he restored my faith in doggie-kind!

There were a great many insects of all kinds around. I photographed a few butterflies and a bee, but I am Blipping this shot of what I think is a female Orange Tip butterfly* as I so rarely see them settled.

*It has since been pointed out that the butterfly is in fact a male Green Veined White! Thank you Brian!

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