Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Another dreary, cold day and I just wasn't feeling like hanging out in the hide.  So, a quick drive down the road a bit to the old St. Paul's Abbey, a few shots through my rolled-down window, and ...voila!  A blip for this week's Derelict Sunday Challenge.  Thank you to Marlieske for continuing to host this challenge.  I first blipped this regal old building on 29 December.  I like this partiular view of the red door, chained shut, and the vines growing up over the windows.  I'll plan to shoot it again when the vines have greened up.

Had a nice chat with parents this morning - they were in good spirits but say they are watching way too much TV these days.  

Today, our governor (Murphy) announced a process for reopening but said that the lockdown will continue until further notice, contingent on the infection rates going down in our state. Northern New Jersey will open in coordination with New York City since we are so close and since so much of the work force in NYC travels from NJ.  I've said it before and will undoubtedly say it again - but I am so glad to have two governors who are so clear, open, and concise in communicating with the residents.  It may suck to be under shelter-in-place orders, but understanding the logic behind it makes me glad to comply.  I will happily continue to limit my movements, wear my mask, and try to keep myself and others safe.  It seems the very least I can do when so many have already given so much.

I constructed a new wren-guard for my chickadee box and will attempt to install it tomorrow when the weather clears.  I need to make sure Mama chickadee tolerates it so will need to sit in hiding and watch the box for some time after I put the guard up.  I've been chatting with a few birders around the state who all say that migration is happening late this year.  Expect it is all the cold weather on the eastern seaboard that has tropical migrants sitting it out.  Guess they are sheltering in place too!

You know my message - stay home, stay safe, wear masks (if appropriate, and above kind.


Covid19 stats
Positive cases in NJ as of 1 PM today - 111,188
Deaths in NJ -  6,044
Positive cases in Sussex County - 864 - deaths 93

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