A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Speckled Wood

A glorious morning walk taking in some different paths through the St Ives woods and a circuit of Coppice Pond to feed the wild fowl. No announcements from there yet in terms of young, interesting to see the Pen and last year’s remaining cygnet on the island whilst dad keeps his patrol to see off the Geese.  

There are some Rhododendrons in flower and those lovely yellow scented azaleas. Also some Peacocks/Pheasants  Eye Narcissus amongst the wild flowers. 
Admiring these  just below the currently empty mansion, two Speckled Woods did a little dance in front of us, luckily one decided to settle in the ground.
Voila blip found!

This afternoon I’ve enjoyed a good ATN sing including a couple of my favourite songs. Having a little sit in the garden now as we hear winter is coming back at the weekend! 
Reading one of my three ‘Scottish’ books I had lined up for our holiday. The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd written in the mid 20th century. It’s a record of experiencing the Cairngorms rather than a climbing book and is timeless.
I think there may be a copy at the ’wee hoose’, if not I will donate this when hopefully we get to go again. Fingers crossed.
(I’d you look back over the last 4 years of my blips on this day you will see they were all in the Highlands in lovely weather )

Stay safe everyone

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