My happy place

I am so glad we have this lovely house and garden. The garden is really at its best right now with flowers and blossom everywhere and I'll take the pollen for granted (I do have bad hayfever). Normally we'd be in Scotland right now so this is the silver lining of the whole terrible Covid-19 situation, to be able to see the garden in all its flowering glory. And I do realise that we are so blessed with the amount of space and garden we have.

So, when I get really angry, sad or stressed by the situation the eldest son and his pregnant fiancee are in (see yesterday's Blip) I will have a walk in the garden and maybe search for photo opportunities. While observing bees at the rhododendron flower heads I also saw this view through the foliage !

Thanks so much for your suport, stars, comments and even hearts for yesterday's Blip. I think when all this is over I may write an article about the curious ways of the civil service and the various ministries in Corona times.

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