A Rarity

... in more ways than one -- first, as it's not often I find anything to photograph for the Derelict Sunday challenge and, secondly, the subject itself. (Well, I've never seen one before, but I don't know how rare they actually are.) Thanks to marlieske for hosting the challenge.

The Premier Grinding Mill combines crushing and grinding. This old machine is sitting on the grass verge near converted barns that were once part of a working farm. It looks as if it would have been driven by belts, presumably powered by a steam engine.

We walked earlier than usual today to be ahead of the winds that are forecast to reach over 50mph. It felt quite humid so the light winds of this morning were very pleasant. I've stretched from yesterday's shorts to crop trousers today, and suspect I'll be back in full-length jeans tomorrow. Still, it's not often summer falls on a Saturday, is it?! ;-)

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