A quiet day for me today.  Not done much at all.  The only times I left the house were to put rubbish in the bin and to put bird food out.  The day started off with rain and this afternoon although it was i bright and sunny it was very cold and windy.  Not the weather to linger outdoors for long.  I took my quick blip shot in the back garden.  My lovely lilac tree is in bloom and looking very pretty.

Musical link - Jeannine, I Dream Of  LILAC Time - by Gene Austin

Well - Boris's speech was as clear as mud. All rather confusing.  Stay alert Go to work if possible.  But don't use public transport,  Stay at home - but go out more to exercise. and so on. I would rather have heard something more definite. Rules which we could understand and stick to. As far as I'm concerned it will be same old, same old.  I have been very careful up till now in keeping myself safe and will continue to do so.  I'm glad I don't have the dilemma of " should I return to work ".  No idea how folk who rely on public transport are supposed to get to work in the first place never mind trying to stay safe when they get there.

Steps today - 5,267

I have been listening to my Saw Doctors CD today so decided to pick a track from that.  This isn't my favourite song of theirs but it seems to have the most appropriate title.  Listening to their music today brought back happy memories of seeing them on two occasions at The City Hall in Newcastle.  They are fantastic live - great fun from start to finish.  I love how they sing about Ireland and they sound Irish. 

CORONA CLASSIC -  Bizet - Toreador Song From Carmen

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