a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Abstract Thursday: Foliage

Inge's challenge for Abstract Thursday this week was the subject "foliage".  For once, I new exactly what I wanted to photograph and how I wanted to present it.  This is the white beam in the garden - it is a lovely tree that has largish leaves that are lighter on the underside.  So when, as in this shot, the wind blows, you get to see the light and dark of the leaves together creating a sense of movement.

The trick of turning that photo into an abstract I gave to Affinity Photo. In essence I created a background layer by averaging the colours in the photo itself.  This has a little vignetting applied to help move the eye towards the centre of the image.  The original image itself was then cut into slices which were added as a new layer.  That new layer was duplicated and using the find edges filter I created the "faux cartoon" style, removing som of the original details in the process.  It sounds complicated but the whole thing from start to finish (including writing this) has taken 40 minutes.

In other news, the courier "organised" by Amsys to collect the computer that needs repair failed to turn up. When at lunchtime I chased Amsys it became pretty obvious that it hadn't ever actually been ordered, but I went along with their story that it must be the courier at fault and we are now hoping for a collection tomorrow. Or maybe sometime next week ;-)

Still, it is Thursday, which means that it is my Zoom meeting "at the pub" with the chaps, except we aren't at the pub and we're all drinking bottled beer.  But it is lots of fun all the same.

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