Lily behaved herself today so I didn't have a disturbed sleep.  I did a few household chores this morning and then I had to contact Barclays. I would normally have called into my local branch in the village but at the moment they say to only go in if its on urgent business,. So I went online to do an " Online Chat"  Waited ages for someone to come on and answer me. After a few questions/answers I was given a phone number and told to ring up.  Then of course it was the usual palaver of going through different choices and then a 15 min wait for someone to answer.  But I guess it was worth it as in the end my query was sorted out satisfactorily.

I had intended going out but in the end I didn't. But I had some activity when Becky and I did a 40 min workout using Whatsapp. 

The Mono Monday challenge is " Low Key Portrait.  As I'm here on my own my only choice was a cat.  So here is my boy Tino. If I am sitting on the sofa he likes to settle down near me on the coffee table. This shot was taken around 7am this morning when the bright sunshine was shining through the front window.  He was enjoying the warmth and starting to nod off.  Thanks to Carolina for hosting.

Musical link BEAUTIFUL DREAMER - by Stephen Foster

"Beautiful Dreamer" is a parlor song by American songwriter Stephen Foster (1826–1864). It was published posthumously in March 1864. There are a few versions on YouTube including  Bing Crosby, Roy Orbison and Shania Twain but I liked this version sung by the songwriter himself.

Steps today - 6,521

LOCKDOWN TOP 10 COME SEE ME by The Pretty Things

( Phil May the lead singer of the Pretty Things  died a few days ago aged 75. He died in hospital from complications following hip surgery after a cycling accident- not related to coronavirus )

CORONA CLASSIC - March of the Toreadors from Carmen   - by Bizet

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