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By Jeanneb53

Not black .....

Black work.
Shopping at M&S this morning. Last time arriving at 9.00 I walked straight in. Today there was a queue but I suspect that was due to the upcoming Bank Holiday. No matter it didn’t take long to get in and it ensures it is spacious and safe when you get inside. I decided to wear my mask for the first time and my glasses steamed up! Soon fixed by a slight adjustment.

We also got a delivery today of some whole meal flour, something we haven’t been able to get during lock down. Saw a fellow blipper had got some and found the website and booked a slot, less than a week and it’s arrived.

Had some relaxation time in the garden between walking and (getting increasingly crazy in number ) Zoom sessions yesterday. Chris put the sun umbrella up as I need the shade and so I thought I would do the same this afternoon.
Too windy, the umbrella wouldn’t stay still and things kept blowing away. Still I got the bullrushes done in the reeds on the border and started the Otter’s whiskers. The main figure is crossstitch but the borders are Blackwork designs despite being in colour. I got interested in doing some Blackwork after attending a talk at a local Embroiderers guild with a friend from church and was surprised to find these patterns amongst the more traditional designs. I have completed a hare in a meadow and would have liked to have finished this otter in Scotland where I started it.

I had a lovely view of the Allium sparkling in the sun whilst sitting out, it is alongside a purple azalea but it is now tinged with brown due to last weeks frost.  

A Zoom singing session tonight after clap for Carers. 20 songs from Elton John and the BeeGees, need to lubrucate my tonsils for that!

Stay safe everyone 

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