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By walkingMarj

Back at work!

While I was doing some of the routine morning jobs, I noticed that the end of my drive was blocked. Road repairs were clearly underway. Forty minutes later my subject was still in the wheelbarrow, so I assume he was waiting for something to dry!

It's been very hot today. I brought out the new fan for Mum to use and we eventually fathomed the remote control!

I did not walk until this evening, when the temperature was still 22 degrees. (Remember that this is Northumberland and 22 is a mid summer temperature if we are lucky!)

I went to the woods at Acomb. The low light was lovely as it showed up the tiny spiders' webs on plants. The nettles are now tall and flowering. The new kids on the block are rocket, both white and purple, and monks hood. Most exciting was when I found the Martagon lilies. They are in bud and there are a lot of them. Repeated trips will be required to see them in their glory.  Margret (next door) will want to go.

I continue to be enthralled by this year's Hay Festival. Today I listened to John Simpson, Bettany Hughes, Paul Boateng, Edmund de Waal talk about What it means when Libraries are lost to conflict.  It was fascinating and very moving. 

I also watched an RPS lecture tonight and saw the names of a couple of fellow blippers on the list. (PIxelfoto and Viewpoint) We listened to Annemarie Lean-Vercoe FRPS being interviewed about her work as an award winning cinematographer. I have no desire to shoot movies, but I enjoyed hearing what she had to say and looking at the lighting and camera angles demonstrated.

My walk meant that I missed the last clap for carers which was a shame.

I watched today's news conference. Boris did better than his select committee performance, but I'm not confident in him. We are going to continue with our lockdown much as usual for now.

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