Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

You want a piece of THIS?

There is something about jumping spiders that I really just adore.  I think it is those big button eyes, coupled with some big attitude and diminutive size.  I've not been able to id this little fellow yet, so we'll just stick with "jumper" for now.  He is ridiculously tiny - several could fit on the end of a pencil eraser with room to spare.  And he was very brave as I tried to nudge a leaf out of the way to get a clean shot - giving me "the look" with six of his eight eyes.  Way cute.

Last night's socially distant wine and cheese with our friends was just great and has done me a world of good. It was their first "outing" since we all went into lockdown and we agreed that we must do it again soon.  They live on a big farm just a few miles away, so it's easy to get together at either of our homes as we both have a lot of outdoor space.  Anyway, a good time and much needed.

Today is MIL's 91st birthday.  Hubs and I dropped of flowers and a card.  It seems so strange not to be able to see her - this will be the first birthday she has ever spent without family around her.  The saving grace, ironically, is that dementia has robbed her of the ability to know that it's her birthday.  But we know.  

Last night was another rough night in the US with looting and bad behavior in many cities across the country.  What doesn't get as much coverage are all the peaceful demonstrations that have also been happening every day.  Last night in NYC the looting was just unbelievable - I hope they are better prepared tonight.  It feels like we are teetering on the precipice of something very ugly right now.  

I did a check of my nest boxes late yesterday afternoon.  Two boxes have wren nests with 7 eggs each (and one very proud little male) and the bluebirds are still incubating their five eggs.  I expect we'll start seeing woodpecker fledglings in the next few weeks and hopefully titmice too.  They all nest in the woods in tree cavities.  

Meanwhile, Xena the patio chipmunk has her paws full at the moment trying to guard her domain.  She caught an interloper stealing peanuts right off her front stoop this afternoon, if you can believe it!  A 4-chippie chase ensued which included the whole bunch of them running right across the top of one of my feet.  Drowning in cuteness.  (Don't believe me?  Click HERE)

Thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow afternoon but I may try to get out for a bit in the morning.  We'll see.

Thanks to Trisharooni for hosting TinyTuesday!

Be safe.  Be kind.  Be loving.


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