A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Soggy Robin

I was lucky to, arch this Robin (young?) in the birdbath from the kitchen window as I really didn’t know hat I was going to blip today.
No plans to go out. My now usual Saturday coffee and chat on FaceTime with my friend. We haven’t arranged to meet up again yet this week until we see what the weather is going to do.
Later we usually go up to see our son which leads to a walk 
but today he was coming here to help Chris remove the old freezer from the garage. Needless to say a clear passage for it had to be made too (too much stuff) and as it was moved the predictable outcome was that it started to work! Not altogether a surprise but we’ve had it a long time and it might not keep going for long. New one ordered for Monday.

I liked seeing this little chap enjoying the water in the bird bath. It amused me to see him looking so dishevelled after he got out and, in my mind at least, a bit put out and dejected that it was raining again!
Good for Silly Saturday I thought.

The other youngsters in the garden today were the young Starlings mopping up seeds like the squirrel yesterday.

Stay safe everyone.

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