Wendy's World

By Wendles56

Social Distancing x 2

I've had two trips around the moor today, with two different pals, so lots of catching up.  We are very fortunate that there is a multitude of paths so both outings took very different routes.

Here is Chris by the stone circle this morning.  After lunch Angela and I crossed the chimney field, avoiding the waterfall, then doubled back to the moor and the old quarries.  The plantlife is only slowly recovering after the fire, with parts of it covered in an orange growth, reminiscent of the red weed on War of the Worlds!  We tried to find a footpath I haven't used in many years to discover it had been blocked by two gates and was seriously and prickly overgrown.   Not to be deterred, we came at it from the other end but it was obvious someone did not want it to be used!  I'll have to get out the map and see if it is down as a proper footpath.

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