Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

MM: Hectic

Nice mono Monday host I am; couldn't post my own blip on Monday. problems.  I figured I would go with two "-ic" synonyms to describe this blip: chaotic and frenetic.

I was really quick on the trigger last week on getting out MM results but as you can imagine, this week might be the opposite.  I found the theme to be really hard.  I come up with them without having a clue what I will do, so I'm often as stumped as everyone else.

From the time I woke up until late in the evening stuff was way too frustrating and annoying to even mention it.
The 70's was the only decade during which I tried  to dance. Disco, baby! 
This song was the perfect pick-me-up today. I dare  you to not want to dance to this Gloria Gaynor classic. I double-dare you.  No, I double dog dare you!

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