Edinburgh Gin

Rhubarb and ginger. For the purposes of Blip only of course. I knew the colour would look lovely in the sunshine. I hope you agree. The glass is one of an art deco set given to me by a friend when I had a significant birthday. I got it out of the dresser, dusted it and poured a measure of gin. I had fun setting up what I thought was the right angle and light. I must admit I haven't poured this smidgen back into the bottle so let's see how the rest of the day develops.

Some rain overnight but nothing to warrant the yellow weather warning we'd been given. A help to the garden though. I was out fairly early over the fields with Flora and two of her doggy pals. They had a lot of fun, to the point that Flora didn't require another walk till the end of the afternoon. It's nice to walk with my 'extended household member', ie my daughter, without having to keep the 2m distance.

Back home and sitting in the garden contemplating a warm sunny evening. I've one episode of The Salisbury Poisonings left to watch so I might have to go back inside later. Honestly that Director of Public Health. I was cheering her, and the local authority, on last night.

Hope everyone is enjoying a pleasant weekend.

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