Significant Birthday

The family is blessed with many birthdays in June:

My BiL 6th
Absent family members 10th
The five year old 11th
Lyn 13th

Today it was the turn of our elder son who featured as a one year old on blip not so long ago. Well a good few years have passed since then. We were fortunate to be able to go as an extended household to have socially distanced birthday cake in his garden today. Driving through to Glasgow we went through some heavy showers and now we're home it's raining again. While we were there though the sun shone brightly and being in the garden was a pleasure. T, his partner K and their baby boy L were gearing up for a BBQ as we left and later on we'll have a toast to his good health with other family members on zoom.

Happy, happy birthday T and here's to the next 40!

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