Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Anyone at home?

When we turned a garden hut into a play house for the children the then 4, though now 5, year old picked a bell for the front door. Here it is ready for today's visitors. The five year old and toddler sister came through this morning with their dad. Unfortunately the weather really isn't great. We sat out in the garden for an hour or so but it's wet and windy. Not at all a summer's day. The girls were in and out of the playhouse and we adults huddled under the umbrella which is supposed to keep the sun off us in the garden. It was increasingly tricky to do this at the required distance so they've gone home now. Still, it was great to see them and for the girls to play in the hut and garden.

I think (and hope) the weather is to improve this afternoon so that I can get out for my walk. Some admin and Community Council stuff to do and that's going to be my Monday.

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