Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Good news on The Close WhatsApp group today - one of my neighbours has announced that she is expecting a baby on December 23rd. 

Neil was supposed to come here so we could go for a walk together - but he had to wait in for a parcel first.  Parcel didn't come till after 3pm so by the time he would have walked up to my house it would have been too late for a walk together. And it wasn't worth him coming all that way just to see me for a bit and then walk home.  I knew he would be wanting to fit a run in anyway - so we decided  it was best if he didn't bother.  Hopefully we can do something on Saturday which is the next day he has some free time.

I decided to pop to the Co-op - mainly to get what you can see in my blip shot.  Yummy ice cream lollies.  They are my Mono Monday blip for the theme of Summer..  I guess ice cream is associated with Summer.  Having a 99 cone when you go to the seaside is a real summertime treat.  No 99 for me today but next best thing is these lollies. I got 4 packs  - 2 of each flavour.  If I wasn't trying to lose weight I would probably buy Cornettos  or Magnums -  both 12 syns each - but these Co - op ones are only 4 syns each. And they are really nice. Thanks to laurie54 for hosting the challenge.

Musical link -  I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream ( I must warn you if you watch it you might just end up  going slightly crazy )

Sad news today that admirer who hosted the Silly Saturday challenge has passed away suddenly. She was such a lovely lady.  My thoughts are with her family.

Steps today - 7,847

CORONA CLASSIC - Silly Symphony Water Babies Disney Movies
............. in memory of admirer

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