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By Damnonii

Roaming in the Gloaming...

In my shock at being called Dick Turpin's granny at my annual health check yesterday, I forgot to mention the other shock that happened when I stepped on the scales looking forward to being told I had lost weight since my last check.

"If you'd like to step on the scales please" she said if I must "yes" I replied stepping on with confidence, looking straight ahead, standing as still as I could and willing three stone to have disappeared.  "That's great thanks" she said as she scribbled on her form.  

As I sat back down she was staring at her written note with a frown on her face.  "Hmmmm..." she said. I waited patiently, smile faltering slightly, as she sat down.  "Hmmmm..." she said again.  Smile gone now, I enquired if there was a problem.  " appears you have gained 10kgs since your last check."   Say what?!  10kgs?  TEN KILOS?  Hahahahaha...good one, you had me going there!   And she looked at me and I could see by her horrified slightly pained expression that she was deadly serious!   Now I know I've made a couple of batches of scones during lockdown but bloody hell, not 10kgs worth!  

She talked briefly about portion control she must think I eat my dinner off a catering size platter! and how amazed she was that my blood pressure is perfect!  I stuttered something about not understanding how this could be and that I would be living on lettuce from now on!  

Anyway, long story short, I weighted myself this morning on our bathroom scales and the scales in the spare bedroom (David also weighted himself and got the result he expected so we know they are accurate) and they weigh me at 13kgs less than she did meaning I've actually lost 3kgs since my last health check, which is the result I was expecting!  I phoned the health centre but she wasn't in today so is going to phone me back tomorrow.  Part of me is wishing I hadn't said anything as think of the brownie points I would have received at next year's health check, when I'd managed to lose it all!  :-))

Glorious day here today.  The forecast had been for clear skies and sunshine right up until the sunset, so my mission to capture the setting sun looking west over Auchterarder from the Ochil Hills was on.  Sadly the forecast lied.  The sun slipped behind a bank of cloud about 40 minutes before it was due to set.  We carried on, hoping there would be a gap in the cloud on the rim of the hills but no luck.  It was pastel and mist instead of vibrant fire.  Will try again another night.  Third time lucky hopefully.  Oh and wee foxglove in extras.

 In other news, I am gobsmacked at the reports of all the Covidiots cramming onto beaches.  I can't believe people are being so stupid and so selfish!   Stand by for the second wave.  It's going to be a long winter.

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