An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Happy Birthday Lola!

Three today!!!  

I can't believe our gorgeous girl is three!  Seems like two minutes since the day we brought her home!

We had no idea the havoc this little puppy would bring to our orderly routine.  Like the time she ate 19 rubber studs off her ball and we phoned the vet in a panic to be advised to keep an eye on her poo.  The next day David reported her first poo had some bits of rubber in it, but the second poo he said, bounced!  And the time she almost disappeared over the garden wall by jumping on a storage box, only to be stopped by Ele, who caught her by the tail!  And the time she stole one of David's t-shirts out the washing basket to snuggle into in her crate only for him to discover it was his favourite (and most expensive) jumper!  I could go on and on and on... but oh my, it was worth every second :-))   

She has grown into the gentlest, friendliest, most loving and obedient (when it counts :-) dog we could wish for.  And so much fun.  Mischievous, silly, snuggly, desperately keen to please and to be everyone's best friend, and most of all, great with Alan.  We hit the doggy jackpot :D

She's been spoiled rotten today no change there then! with new toys, chewies, treats and a paddling pool.  Hopefully the sun will return soon so we can fill it up for a paddle :D  

More pics in extras...
1.  Woo hoo!  Birthday fun!
2.  Is that meant to look like me?
3.  New toy.  Do not disturb.
4. When birthday celebrations get too much :D

And if the birthday fun isn't enough, Linda my hairdresser has been in touch to say she'll be working again from 15th and do I want my hair cut?  I screamed YESSSSSS!!! so loudly she dropped her phone!  hahahahaha!

And now back to the celebrations...birthday Prosecco time! 

Have a great weekend blip pals :-))   

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