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First of all, a big welcome to all the new followers who have subscribed to my Journal recently. I'm very flattered and want to thank you all.

Took Mum to the Hearing Aid clinic. This is not our favourite place because it is pot luck as to who you see. Some technicians are kinder and more patient than others. Then there is the tension when, having arrived early, you wait for the machine with the numbers to be brought into the waiting room and you try to make sure you grab your number and do not miss your turn.

Today we were 1.5 hours early due to old instructions about the clinic............ Ho hum. Then a very talkative lady sat next to us and talked incessantly and repetitively for a whole hour. Hints like bringing out my book or newspaper had no effect at all!! (When we left she was still talking........)

A new mould for the hearing aid earpiece was made, so we have to return in 2 weeks and do it all again........

Big supermarket shop so that the freezer and cupboards are well stocked for when I'm out of action next week.

Looked up in Beaumont Street and liked the detail in the Queen's Hall building. This is our local arts centre. (Had to correct perspective quite a lot, used various tweaks with levels and a Find Edges filter at 50%. Nearly put it in sepia.)

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