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By 59

Silly Saturday

Today we are remembering Admirer who hosted Silly Saturday for a long period. The Blip community is like a virtual family and we share the loss with Admirer’s family. 

So here is my entry, a silly Penguin who wants his fish cooked please. 

We visited our son and his family today. The four boys were as exuberant as ever. I don’t remember ever having that much energy. Max (12) had made some delicious biscuits. He is the best cook I’ve known at his age. It’s his main hobby. They are looking forward to school holidays starting soon. 

Today’s jobs included baking Whole meal Rye sourdough ( think I prefer ordinary flour), lots of gardening and washing. Also made ANZAC biscuits for our visit to the family. 

The new community acquired COVID case numbers are still increasing in Victoria which is a worry as we were getting very low numbers. People are wanting to get back to normal but I can’t see that happening for a long time.

Thanks to 60Plus for organising SilSat this week so we can pay our respects. 

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