COW PARSLEY ( I think )

After filling in the online form yesterday I got a phone call from the Health Centre this morning around 10.30pm. The nurse practitioner asked a few questions and then made me an appointment for 2.20pm this afternoon.  Can't beat that for quick service.

I was told I needed to wear a face mask inside the Health Centre.  This was the first time I had worn one and I didn't like it.  My glasses got steamed up and my face got hot.  But can't be helped.  The nurse did a Doppler Test - this is to  rule out peripheral arterial disease. It involves measuring the blood pressure in the arteries in the ankles and comparing it to the pressure in the arms. They have a machine to do it and it only takes around 5 mins. The results were fine.  She measured my legs to confirm that I was wearing the correct size support stockings ... I was.  ( I have worn support stockings for many years since I first had a leg ulcer ) She checked out the area where I thought a new leg ulcer might be forming and decided that it was OK  - at the moment  - but I  need to go back on Thursday so they could check it again to see if it has got worse. She put a dressing on in the meantime.

I came home through the allotments.  This is where I took my blip shot.  I think its Cow Parsley.  I have processed it to fit the Mono Monday challenge - today's theme is any mono NOT in B & W.  Thanks to laurie54 for hosting

Musical link - DREAMING IN RED - by The Calling   (I've been listening to my Calling CD's today and this was one of the tracks )

Steps today - 7,830

CORONA CLASSIC -  THEME MUSIC FROM POIROT ( I have watched numerous episodes of Poirot during lockdown. They are on ITV 3 around three or four  times a week.)

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