Lehigh Valley Zoo ...

... reopened.

Our local zoo has opened it's doors to members starting this weekend. And we couldn't wait to go!  Our membership was due to expire at the end of March ... during the lockdown.  But the zoo had extended it until they were back open ... which was until June 30.  I called yesterday to renew for another year and then R went on line to reserve our time slot  for today.  We chose the 12-2 pm time slot .... and we were very surprised that the zoo wasn't busier than we thought is would be.

It was great to see all the animals again ... we hadn't been here since March 8 because the zoo has been closed!  During that time some of the animals had passed away but there were also some additions. The middle left picture shows a newly born Scimitar-horned Oryx.  Also new to the zoo (although we didn't see her) is a female Mexican Gray wolf.  She was introduced to the two male brothers after one of the three recently died.  They don't plan to mate her with the existing males as they are considered too old.  But there is hope for the future if younger males are acquired. 

On the way home we stopped at Costco since we were on that side of town! Then it was an afternoon and evening relaxing at home. 

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