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*I know a bank.........

"I know a bank where the wild thyme blows, where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,"

The forecast was relatively dry for today. I wanted to do a longer walk because my walks over the last week have been mainly very short ones. I need to keep fit!

I walked 10.77 miles (according to the GPS), setting off from home in the late morning and returning in time to cook the evening meal!

At Limestone Corner on the Hadrian's Wall Trail, I settled behind a rock (one of those the Romans could not move) to have lunch. I was surrounded by wild thyme. So beautiful. (Just had the 35mm lens so my options for a photograph were limited.)

There was a moderate Westerly wind blowing into my face on my way out to the west, but for most of the walk I was able to put my jacket in my backpack and walk in shirt sleeves. 

At Teppermoor Farm, sheep were being sheared. I saw a lot of very scrawny looking ewes who were a tad cold today. They have been giving their all to the lambs, but they will be restored to good order by the autumn (when it all starts again).

The meadowsweet is doing well and is very frothy and pretty. The grasses are wonderful too, especially the crested dog’s tail. It’s everywhere!

My legs are a bit tired and stiff. Arth and Aggie say they are fine, but they would like a day off tomorrow!

*Oberon, Act 2, Scene 1. It's a speech that starts well, but ends with him sharing how he will anoint her eyes so that she is full of hateful fantasies.Others are involved in the mischief. It all ended happily..........

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