There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Say Hello to One of the Green Ladies

One of the things that's been interesting during these past few months is that I've gotten to spend more time in my yard than ever before. Every day that I'm home, several times a day, I wander around the yard with my camera, looking for interesting things to photograph.

The showy, red monarda has just come into bloom and the hummingbirds love it. So I've been stalking them with my camera. I sat down for a few minutes and I didn't get any great photos of hummingbirds with monarda, but I did get a few decent shots of one of the females on our feeder.

So say hello to one of the green ladies! You've already gotten to see one of the males (with a much darker throat) and a peculiar variety of orange, stripey hummingbird that I suspect appears only in our yard. :-)

The song to go with this photo of one of our tiny, green ladies is Duran Duran, with Girls on Film.

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