A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Happy bunnies!

Well yes they are boxing hares but Eda was prepared to think they were hugging.

Today is the middle day of the year and also my birthday.
We had a booked timed slot at RHS Harlow Carr at Harrogate where it was pretty damp but Eda enjoyed the hares, the swing seats, the bridges over the stream and the wildfowl on the lake. Lots of little Moorhens scooting around.

We had our picnic lunch under the arbour entrance into the Edwardian garden where we were watched by a lovely Robin. It gave us a little bit of shelter.

We had a welcoming hot coffee from Betty’s Kiosk and a warm milk for Eda before heading home. 

Just about to enjoy a take away birthday dinner from the pub in the next village. 
As many of my birthday cards seem to feature gin I may finish the evening with one or two!

If you look back a year you’ll find me in the same place!

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