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By walkingMarj

Sums up the day!

We expected some bad weather today and it came. There were very high winds. When they dropped a little, the heavy rain came and this pattern was on repeat all day.

I shot this through the very wet conservatory windows to show how hard the little birds were working for their food. There are great tits, blue tits, a tree sparrow and a very wet siskin. I saw a greater spotted woodpecker once. The blackbirds go to the front of the house, as do the jackdaws.

Daisy stayed in most of the day. Oscar returned in the late afternoon. Even he thought the weather was beyond the pale.

I tried to go out when the rain stopped. It was on my third attempt that I succeeded and walked around the garden to survey the damage. There are a few small branches down, but no trees. It was soon raining again and I was chased inside.

Life in the Time of Covid 19
I was trying to think of things I have been enjoying during this time. One is that I have the Guardian digital version and I have read more than I have for years. The second is that I have been playing the piano and I'm gradually regaining some facility. I'm not keen enough to do scales or exercises......

Most people were able to see that my extra yesterday was a white clover. Some also spotted my spelling mistake in "fairing up". I am about to correct it. Thank you all.

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