Alone with his phone

MonoMonday theme: Alone
I was talking with my cousin yesterday about how tough it must be to be alone and have restricted movement during these Covid times. I'm sure that a lot of people in that situation would rely on their phones or other devices to stay in touch with family and friends they can't see in person. I thought of that today when I saw this man on his phone. 
We don't have cell service at our house, so we rely on FaceTime on the computer and will continue to do so until we're able to see our family again, and hopefully not as long as we had to wait before they came over last week. 
I had the first morning walk that I've had in over a week and it felt good. Some necessary work in the garden kept me busy until the afternoon. I did a fair bit of cleaning up and cut back a lot of the excess leaves on the tomatoes and cucumbers - hopefully not too many! I thinned the last row of beets. Bonus - some baby beets to roast for supper!  I also found some baby carrots that should have been taken out when I thinned them awhile ago, so those will be roasted as well. Yum!

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